Are Breath Mints Bad for Your Teeth?

15 Feb 2017

Are Breath Mints Bad for Your Teeth?

The majority of people have at one time or another had to contend with bad breath. Bad breath is best dealt with by diagnosing and fixing it at the earliest possible time.

Key takeaways:

– Breath mints are usually high in sugar level. The sugars provide food for bacteria in the mouth that cause damage to the teeth and gums.

– Dentists recommend sugar-free gum rather than the breath mints to keep the mouth healthy.

– The sugar free gum will increase saliva flow in the mouth and will help cleanse the mouth by getting rid of food particles.

While sugar-free gum or disposable toothbrushes are safe and reasonably effective at concealing bad breath, if you find yourself reaching for them frequently, it may indicate that you have a problem that needs to be treated.

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