Dentists at the Front Line in Diabetes Epidemic

09 Mar 2017

Dentists at the Front Line in Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes is currently a worldwide epidemic and is estimated to affect 285 million adults. More than a third of people with diabetes are not aware that they have the disease.

Key takeaways:

– Your dentist is best placed to alert you to having type 2 diabetes by carrying out a check on your gums.

– One in every five people with severe gum disease has type 2 diabetes. This makes the dentist’s office the best place to get a diagnosis.

– The early diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and the underlying diabetes will prevent the development of complications.

The relationship between diabetes and gum infections goes two ways. When you improve one, you also improve the other,” he added. But it’s not clear which comes first, and this study didn’t prove a cause-and-effect relationship, only an association.

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