Need to Reduce Stress Fast? Try Smile Therapy!

11 Feb 2017

Need to Reduce Stress Fast? Try Smile Therapy!

When you smile (whether you feel like it or not), your brain triggers a hormonal reaction that actually makes you happy. Smile therapy is all about using this trick to alleviate stress. Strangely, this works because the brain cannot discern between a fake and a real smile, research shows.

Key takeaways:

– Smile therapy helps manage stress by releasing endorphins, the “feel good” or “happy” hormones.

– When you fake a smile, the facial muscles that trigger the release of endorphins in the brain are put to work.

– Faking a smile has the added advantage of endearing you to people, boosting the immune system, and generally improving your mood.

“By employing the muscles in your face that are responsible for smiling, you can prompt your brain to believe that something is funny or is making you happy, which in turn increases your mood and can lower stress levels.”

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