1-2-1 Tutoring

Mentoring and Tutoring

The Dental Nursing Academy works closely with each student individually. Part of our commitment to your success is found through our mentors and tutors.

Before embarking on any dental care training course, online or offline, the Dental Nursing Academy assigns each student to a mentor or tutor.  We appreciate that each student learns at their own pace and finds some aspects of each course easier or more difficult than others. Learning with the Dental  Nursing Academy is not one way, and we identified from the outset of offering training that all students needed someone to ask questions of.

The mentors and tutors assigned to each student are all experienced Dental Care Professionals. Each mentor and tutor has a passion for training future dental care professionals and has a full understanding of each course they work with.

For the learners, the 1-2-1 tutoring and mentoring is a fundamental element of each course and is part of the reason for our exceptionally high pass rate. The tutors and mentors encourage each student for the full duration of each course. Open lines of communication are maintained, and confidentiality is assured.

It has been proven that students who have access to a tutor or mentor not only stand a better chance of passing with the Dental Nursing Academy but also gain valuable extra knowledge and insight into the dental care industry. Tutors and Mentors will be able to pick up where a student is struggling and equally excelling.

The tutors and mentors at the Dental Nursing Academy serve a particular role, and that is to encourage each learner, share knowledge and make sure the student has the confidence to ask about what they do not understand.

In many cases, the relationship between the students and the tutors and mentors extends well beyond the duration of study and firm, trusted and valuable friendships are created. At the Dental Nursing Academy, we are dealing with people who have dreams, and we want them to achieve those dreams in the dental care sector

First Aid Training

Dental Care Training with the Dental Nursing Academy, covers all aspects of the dental care industry at various levels of learning. A unique value-add for every student that enrols on any course (excluding online) with the Dental Nursing Academy is the free First Aid Course.

The value of a first aid course can never be underestimated in any place of work, not just a dental surgery. Having knowledge of and being able to provide first aid makes any individual an asset society in general.

The inclusion of a first aid training course makes the courses from the Dental Nursing Academy furthermore practical and valuable for learners entering the workplace or climbing up the career ladder. The course is run in-house by trained professionals and once passed, comes with a certificate of competence valid for 12 months.

The first aid training course covers all the critical aspects of first aid and its completion is an essential part of the criteria of all courses we offer for Dental Nurses. The Free Basic First Aid/ CPR course provided by the Dental Nursing Academy covers CPR and accident-related injuries. The first aid course uniquely covers aspects of first aid that may occur within a dental practice or surgery and is a valuable addition to any CV r resume.

The first aid training is a practical course and not only helps students at the Dental Nursing Academy prepare for exams but also helps them grow in confidence in themselves when working with other people when under pressure.

Many past students have thanked the Dental Nursing Academy for their first aid training as it has made them valuable staff members in the workplace. The first aid training changes the lives of each of our students and in turn, can help them save the life of a fellow individual.

Payment and Finance

At the Dental Nursing Academy, we understand the financial challenges that some students face. Because of this, we have firstly endeavoured to keep our course costs down as much as possible while retaining the highest quality of training.  Our affordable fees make the Dental Nursing Academy one of the leaders in Dental Care Training in the UK.

However, for most of the training courses convenient and flexible payment plans to suit every pocket are available.  We can provide interest-free instalment plans with a small deposit followed by 4 monthly payments on some courses  – please contact for further details as each course is different.

The Dental Nursing Academy is committed to providing the best dental nursing training and makes it available and affordable to everyone.  For this reason, we have a number of payment options and can work with and around  each student for many of those who study with us.

We appreciate that every student has different needs and as part of the enrollment process any financial or payment related queries can be addressed. Our goal is to help people realise their dream careers in the dental care sector, and we will work with you to help these dreams become a reality.

For details on payment options available for your course of interest, please contact us today.

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