Online Learning
20 Sep 2017

5 Advantages of Online Learning

Online Learning

So you’ve chosen to begin a career in dental nursing and you’re ready to start your NEBDN Diploma course. The next decision is, how will you study? While there are still many benefits to studying in a classroom, many people feel that online learning would suit them better. With technology constantly expanding and more of us leading hectic and busy lives, the desire and need to learn at our own time and pace is the reason why e-learning is now more popular than ever before.

If you’re currently wondering whether to choose online learning over traditional education, let’s take a look at 5 reasons you might decide to do so: 

1. A wide range of courses are available 

With online education proving extremely popular and successful, there’s been an increase in the number of online study courses available, meaning you have a wide range of options, literally at your fingertips. For instance, it’s now possible to complete your qualification in dental nursing online and with that in mind, here at the Dental Nursing Academy, we’re proud to launch our new NEBDN e-learning course starting September 2017.

2. Comfort

Online learning means the world is your classroom. No more sitting in a stuffy room for hours on an uncomfortable chair and no need to get up early up and sit in traffic on your journey to college. It lets you decide your start and finish time, with all the necessary materials and lectures easily accessed online from the comfort of your own home.

3. Flexibility

E-learning means you can study at your own pace with no fixed timetable and easily fits in around your work or family responsibilities. With our online dental nursing course, you can access the e-learning modules at any time. You choose the best time to learn that suits your schedule and by not having to travel to college, you’ll gain extra hours of study time instead. 

4. Improve your CV

 Studying online will always look impressive on your CV. Why? Well it shows potential employers that you’re willing to learn and develop your skills further. Moreover, it demonstrates discipline and personal drive, which are all valuable qualities that employers are looking for. Also, it’s good to know that companies don’t view online qualifications as inferior to traditional ones. A qualification is a qualification however it’s achieved.

5. Effective learning

 What’s great about e-learning is that you can replay or review the material again and again. This isn’t really possible with classroom learning. Although you might take notes, it can get a little messy and hard to look back over. However, reviewing the full module when needed is a major advantage because it means you can instantly refresh any information that you need to. It’s also worth noting that our courses provide personal help and support throughout your study and beyond, to keep you focused and help you learn better. Receiving one to one attention with a classroom tutor can be hard when there are other students that are also vying for their help and support

If you feel class-room based study isn’t right for you then why not enrol on our new NEBDN E-learning course? To find out more about this course contact us on 020 3875 0569 or contact us.