CACHE Diploma

CACHE Level 3 Diploma: The Principles And Practices Of Dental Nursing

For anyone over the age of 18, the CACHE Course from the Dental Nursing Academy is a great way to begin a worthwhile career in professional dental care. This course is a 12-month course and is a stand-alone qualification that is the perfect foundation for furthering an enjoyable and successful dental care career with salaries starting at £18,000 per annum. Further training and study could see you become a specialist dental nurse or team leader where salaries of between £25,000 and £28,000 per annum are not uncommon.

What is involved in the CACHE Course with the Dental Nursing Academy?

The CACHE Diploma course from the Dental Nursing Academy requires training in the workplace, and thus a placement at a dental surgery is necessary. Students can find their own placement or can alternatively use the services of the Dental Nursing Academy recruitment team. Training in the workplace should ideally be 16 hours per week with the balance of learning completed in the classroom. The combination of theory and chairside practice results in considerably higher pass marks and well-grounded future dental care professionals. We highly recommended 24 hours to gain in depth experience in working with in NHS or Private surgery.

Regular clinical assessments are carried out in the work placement and are overseen by Our qualified assessors from the Dental Nursing Academy. Further to the clinical assessments, two multiple choice exams must be completed. Short assignments must be written throughout the duration of the CACHE course, and in stark contrast to the NEBDN diploma that has two set times for exams, tests and exams occur frequently. With CACHE we can allocate your exams throughout the year.

17 subjects are covered in the CACHE Diploma and these include some of:

  • Chairside support during operations and tooth extractions
  • Maintaining surgical equipment
  • Patient record keeping
  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities, and ethics of being a dental nurse
  • Communication skills with both patients and the dental practice team
  • Practice hygiene and instrument sterilisation
  • First aid including CPR and life support

A basic First Aid course is included with the CACHE Diploma as this is a considered valuable and useful in the workplace.

After your studies

Upon completion of your 12 month CACHE Diploma course with the Dental Nursing Academy superb career opportunities open up. All candidates who pass the course can register with the General Dental Council to enhance and improve job prospects and career advancement.

Course Summary

  • Designed to last a minimum of 12 months and covers 17 modules
  • Observations in dental settings
  • 2 multiple choice exams (50 questions each)

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