Dental Care Courses For Dental Care Professionals

 At The Dental Nursing Academy we’re happy to bring together a number of training courses that will equip you with the qualifications you need to embark or to further your career in dental nursing and dental care.  From class-room based training to e-learning, we give you the flexibility to learn in a way that suits you.


All our courses deliver nationally and professionally recognised qualifications, and in as little as 1 year you can go from zero experience to a applying for registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) as a qualified dental nurse.

Our courses include:

Nebdn Diploma course

CACHE Level 3 Diploma: The Principles And Practices Of Dental Nursing

For anyone over the age of 18, the CACHE Course from the Dental Nursing Academy is a great way to begin a worthwhile career in professional dental care. This course is a 12-month course and is a stand-alone qualification that is the perfect foundation for furthering an enjoyable and successful dental care career with salaries starting at £18,000 per annum. Further training and study could see you become a specialist dental nurse or team leader where salaries of between £25,000 and £28,000 per annum are not uncommon.

Dental apprentiships

CACHE - e-Learning

Online training and e-Learning has become popular in the UK and the Dental Nursing Academy has embraced it. Offering a range of courses online that include the CACHE Diplomas eLearning has made studying and qualifying for a nationally recognised qualification easier, more convenient and more affordable than ever before.

Learning online for your CACHE Diploma online with the Dental Nursing Academy brings all the expertise and experience of the leading Dental Care training provider in the UK together with the convenience of learning at your own pace and time.

E-learning Diploma course

1-2-1 Tutoring

Mentoring and Tutoring

The Dental Nursing Academy works closely with each student individually. Part of our commitment to your success is found through our mentors and tutors.

Before embarking on any dental care training course, online or offline, the Dental Nursing Academy assigns each student to a mentor or tutor.  We appreciate that each student learns at their own pace and finds some aspects of each course easier or more difficult than others. Learning with the Dental  Nursing Academy is not one way, and we identified from the outset of offering training that all students needed someone to ask questions of.

The mentors and tutors assigned to each student are all experienced Dental Care Professionals. Each mentor and tutor has a passion for training future dental care professionals and has a full understanding of each course they work with.

Dental Nursing career

CPD Courses

  • Basic life support and medically emergencies for Dental Nurses
  • It is an essential criteria that all Dental Nurses complete training on basic life support and CPR as part of their courses
  • This is an in-house course whereby a trained professional comes and spends time demonstrating basic life support and support and resuscitation for both adults and children
  • This is hands on CPR training whereby Dental Nurse are faced with medical emergencies and how to manage them. This will give you an insight on all the emergencies faced within a dental surgery. Our sessions will have mannequins and everyone will be given thorough practical hands on training
  • Emergencies like asthma attacks, heart attacks and fainting etc will all be covered and management of these emergencies, as well as administration of their drugs
  • This training will not just help you prepare for your exams but also give you vital skills that one day may change, or even save someone’s life
  • A certificate will be issued on completion which is valid for 12 months
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Interested to become a Dental nurse?

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