CACHE Online Learning


Online training has become popular in the UK and the Dental Nursing Academy has embraced it. We are offering the CACHE Diploma, all online, which has made studying and qualifying for a nationally recognised qualification easier, more convenient and more affordable than ever before.

Who is this course for?

CACHE online course is best suited to students currently in the workplace within the dental industry or someone who is due to start working. The courses combine practical and theoretical learning and are taught and mentored by experienced dental care professionals with a passion for seeing others succeed. Ideally, the online courses work for those who have limited time to physically attend class or where classroom study is inconvenient which doesn’t meet their needs.

About Online Courses

Compared to the conventional training there are few differences in course structures and content. The CACHE Diploma lasts 18 months. However, there is some limited flexibility in this to fit in with the pace and progress of each learner. Both courses require a work placement for their duration. Every student is assigned a tutor or mentor both for encouragement and support and also to help them complete assessments set out by awarding body. Our course combines of:

  • weekly/ fortnightly webinars for theory knowledge
  • weekly/fortnightly webinars for Assignment support
  • 3 monthly visits in Dental surgery to carry our Direct observations
  • 3 monthly progression performance reviews
  • 24/7 access to Online course contents
  • 24/7 access to Electric Portfolio to complete assignments
  • Separate Revision Classes to support with final Exams

Is online training recognized?

Yes. Online training with the Dental Nursing Academy is equal to offline training. The is no difference in the outcome or qualification received, and career opportunities are the same.

Why Choose the Dental Nursing Academy for online training?

Dental Nursing Academy is recognised as one of the leading training facilities in the UK for the dental care industry With over 25 years of professional experience and having launched hundreds of successful dental care carers; all the expertise has been applied to produce the very best online learning solution. Our online dental care courses have been designed by dental care professionals to ensure the best dental care professionals are produced.

To discover more about the convenience and flexibility of studying online for a diploma in dental care with the Dental Nursing Academy call 020 3875 0569 or use our contact us page today

The Benefits of Online Learning

For the employer
  • Online training is the perfect inclusion to any training program for any dental practice or surgery wishing to train or upskill its dental care and nursing staff.
  • eLearning is affordable and can be budgeted for.
  • Online training is the easiest way to ensure all dental nursing and care staff have up to date qualifications and knowledge to add value to any dental practice or surgery
  • Online training allows employees to learn in their own time at work or away from work. Organisations that offer online learning opportunities for staff and pay for and contribute towards the cost gain more loyal staff
  • Online learning does not disrupt working hours, more time given to patient care
  • Online learning with active interest from employer and employee improves communication and makes for a happier and more productive workplace
  • Online training is easily managed by an employer and progress can be monitored.
  • Online training means your dental practice is part of your success and take pride in your studies
 For the employee
  • Online Training is convenient and ideal for the busy working parent who has a lot to juggle
  • Online Training is affordable with flexible payment methods
  • Online training means you can study at the pace the suits you
  • Online Training means you can work and study at the same time
  • Online Training means anywhere can be your classroom at any time
  • Online Training gives you the same teaching as conventional training and qualifications are equally recognised
  • Online Training makes you valuable

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