How long are the Dental Diploma Courses?

CACHE is 12 months. NEBDN is up to 18 months

Do I need to apply for a work placement before enrolling?

Once registered to study for a diploma in Dental Care you can apply for work. In many cases your assigned tutor will advise and give guidance on this. We have inhouse recruitment who will, support you and guide you the right way.

What requirements are there to study for a Dental Nursing Diploma?

Every candidate is given an initial screening. Basic literacy is a must and students are required to attend a short interview before final acceptance on the course. We offer a Free consultation for all students

How soon must I start my work placement once enrolled?

There is a short window of opportunity to find and begin working of up to 6 weeks.  If your not successful in finding a job we will allocate a suitable course for you

Is it compulsory to work as a trainee dental carer and how many hours must I work?

Yes. To complete either the CACHE of NEBDN Diplomas a work placement is compulsory. Working hours are expecting to be at least 16 hours per week minimum

Is a work placement guaranteed and how long will it take to get placed?

There is no guarantee of a work placement. However, the Dental Nursing Academy has a professional recruitment team that can assist in finding your placement. There are no timelines as to how long it may take to find a placement; it all depends on the individual and their availability.

Are retake options available for exams?

The Dental Nursing Academy has a very low exam failure rate. In the rare case where this does occur there are retake options.

What Support do I get outside class times?

Every student is appointed a tutor and mentor, and they can be contacted outside of class hours. You have assigned homework/ assignment for each lesson to complete.