How to further your career and become a leader

dental nurse specialist
21 Feb 2017

How to further your career and become a leader

nursing leadership postion

Personal characteristics necessary to become a leader – and a great dental nurse

Anyone who is thinking about future career progression as a dentist or dental nurse would be well-advised to read this article.

  • A good nursing leader is someone who gives praise to their team rather than taking all the credit.
  • Their advice is valued by colleagues and team members and they are respected for their personal integrity.
  • A great leader doesn’t look for praise; they give credit to others for their contributions.
  • Whether you are working in the dentist or nursing professions, seeking advice from those who are already in a leadership position is highly recommended.

“A great leader is committed, confident, creative, innovative, inspirational, passionate and compassionate. They have integrity, a strong sense of purpose and defined missions and visions. They’re resilient, and when they fall down, they get right back up. They’ve been tested, they’ve proven themselves, and they’ve risen to the top of their organizations.”

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