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12 Jun 2018

Mock OSCE London Dates

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) can be very stressful for students unless they are fully prepared.

This is why we are providing OSCE simulations which would ensure that when you start your OSCE your will be completely prepared in every way. The OSCE are very different from most examinations.

Most examinations consist mainly of students sitting on a desk and answering questions in a sheet of paper. The OSCE are designed to test how people will behave in actual clinical conditions.

Dental Nurse Training London

We will be holding 4 simulations at the following dates and times:

Saturday 28th may @ 1.30pm

Sunday 29th may @ 1.30pm

Saturday 4th June @ 1.30pm

Sunday 5th June @ 1.30pm

OSCE Stations

It is easy to see why OSCE can be stressful for candidates. They consist of 10-15 different OSCE stations, each of which is like a different exam in itself.

The way the process works is that you are provided a instruction and scenario which tells you what you have to do at the station.

You are given one minute to read what is written on the paper.

You are then given 5 minutes to complete the task.

The ordering of the stations is rotated clockwise.

The task might be practical or it might be theoretical.

You will not know the nature of the task until you read what is written on the paper.

You have an examiner with you but they are there strictly to monitor and assess your progress, not to provide you support.

The station you enter might need you to sit down and answer a question on a sheet of paper. It might need you to label diagrams or match description to images. It might even need you to treat a patient; actors are hired to act as patients at various stations because it is necessary to be able to deal with patients throughout your career as a dental nurse.

The overwhelming nature of the OSCE is why people get nervous with facing instruction spontaneously.

Prepare right with our simulation

This is why our simulations help students so much. Instead of just teaching you how to pass your OSCE, we will help you familiarise yourself with the whole process. We will make you go through the different stations and practice with us. We will also hire actors to act as patients so you can get used to speaking with people you don’t know . Our instructors will be monitoring your progress closely and will be providing tips for improvement wherever they see fit.

This means that when you go into your real OSCE, you will be able to act them as if you have already done them many times before, because you will have done them many times before in our mock classes.

Limited Spaces – BOOK NOW

So hurry up and get yourself registered as there are only a few limited seats available.

We have limited spaces for these classes and it will be on a first cone first serve basis.

Our sessions are fun and allows you to demonstrate your skills confidently. Prepare yourself fully to avoid redoing the exam again.

Cost £70 per session

*Please note each session will have different scenarios and you may attend more than one

Tel: 020 3875 0569  Mob: 07714 409 238.

…..don’t delay sign up now.