NEBDN – Tips For Home Study!

27 Jun 2017

NEBDN – Tips For Home Study!

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We offer our NEBDN as a complete online course for those unable to take the classroom course. You will obtain all the knowledge necessary to take the exams of the NEBDN to get successful registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) and start your professional career as a dental nurse. We assure you that you will learn in the easiest way all the related topics, fully covering the most important aspects of the current curriculum for quick understanding and better test performance.

Being left to your own devices to study can have its downsides. It can be hard to motivate yourself, procrastination can take over and it can be easy to be sidetracked. Here’s our top advice for getting the most out of learning from home.

Get Up Early

If you’re making a weekend day your study day, make sure to get up early to get the most out it.

Clear Up

Make sure your study environment is distraction free. Clear away clutter and make your study materials easy to find and avoid wasting time trying to find things.

Plan Your Day

Whether you make a list with pen and paper, a wallchart or use a timetable, find an organisation tool that works for you and add your priority list to it. Allow breaks to refresh your mind and stick to the time limits on them.

Set Realistic Goals

Remember that things can often take longer than expected, so allow more time for tasks than you think.

Get Moving

We’re not talking about a full on daily work out though! Go for a walk and fresh air to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up. It’s common to get drowsy after a long period of study and reading and you’ll feel less stressed afterwards.

Ask Questions!

Home study students can still ask for help from our team. Don’t stay stuck on a part of the curriculum, just ask!

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For any questions on our online course, contact our team on 020 3875 0569 or email