New Requirements For Continuing Professional Development – Are You Up To Speed?

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29 Aug 2017

New Requirements For Continuing Professional Development – Are You Up To Speed?

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As a dental professional, it’s your responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Continuing professional development (CPD) helps to make sure that you remain competent in your career and enables you to keep up to speed with any important changes in dentistry. As the name would suggest, this is a continual process that dental care professionals are expected to carry out for the duration of their career.

Your primary qualification in dental nursing is only the first step in your dental education and undertaking CPD is a necessary requirement in order to keep your registration with the General Dental Council. But why is keeping up to speed with CPD so important and what new changes can we expect in 2018? Let’s take a look.

 Why is CPD so important?

 While CPD is important for many professionals in a variety of different sectors, for medical health professionals it’s absolutely essential. The main reason being that you can continue to consistently deliver a high quality of service in order to safeguard your patients. In essence, it helps you to:

  • continuing professional development Remain up to date – as the field of dentistry is ever changing and advancing, the need to    remain familiar with the latest information and techniques is vital. Along with learning  possible new approaches to cross-infection control, radiation protection or other necessary legal  obligations.
  • dental professional Keep patients safe – the care of our patients is the main priority of any dedicated dental care professional. It’s no surprise then that CPD goes hand in hand with making sure all patients  receive the highest standard of care and the most appropriate treatment for them personally.

New GDC requirements for CPD

The General Dental Council (GDC) have announced they’re making changes to continuing professional development known as ‘Enhanced CPD’ and this will come into action in August 2018.

The new changes will help to ensure that CPD for dental professionals plays a firm and regular role in your career. So what does the Enhanced scheme involve?

According to the GDC, all registered care professionals will be helped to identify their CPD needs through the use of a personal development plan. This is aimed at helping you to evaluate your learning needs and can be done individually or with your dental team. By doing so, it’s hoped that registrants can then get started with their planned actively in an organised and timely way.

Moreover, the focus is shifting to quality over quantity of CPD activity, meaning that over a 5 year period, dental nurses need to complete 50 hours of verifiable CPD instead of including non-verifiable as well. Another change is that your CPD statement must be submitted yearly as part of an annual renewal and you must declare at the very least 10 hours over a 2 year period. More information on these changes can be found in greater detail on the GDC website.

Here at the Dental Nursing Academy, we can help you maintain your professional development with our wide range of CPD courses. Our courses are aimed to provide you with recognised verifiable hours with individual certificates provided on completion and cover topics such as dental radiography, infection control, medical emergencies and oral health. Call us today on 020 3875 0569 or email us at to find out more.