Where Can Dental Nursing Take You? [Further Qualification – Dental Sedation Nursing Certificate]

Dental Sedation Nursing Certificate
30 Apr 2016

Where Can Dental Nursing Take You? [Further Qualification – Dental Sedation Nursing Certificate]

Dental Sedation Nursing Certificate

If you are looking for a career which can offer continued professional development, becoming a dental nurse might be able to provide you just that.

The Dental Nursing Academy specialises in helping people take the first steps in becoming a dental nurse through our Dental Nurse Courses. Our aim is to help those lacking in qualifications, or who want a career change, to gain real skills in a respected profession.

Where Can a Career in Dental Nursing Take You?

Once you have gained your initial qualification, there are a variety of different further qualifications you can take as a dental nurse to help you specialise and extend your skills.

Such certificates include Orthodontic Nursing and Dental Hygiene & Therapy, however, today’s post is focused on Dental Sedation Nursing providing detailed information to help you decide if this course is something you could be interested in in the future and to help you to understand the potential career path you could take as a dental nurse.

dental sedation nursing course

What Qualifications and Experience Do I Need to Complete a Dental Sedation Nursing Course?

The Dental Sedation Nursing course is only open to people who are already suitably qualified as a dental nurse. You must also be registered with the General Dental Council. The course if practice-based, so in order to gain the experience necessary, you must be working in a practice where you have access to treatments carried out under sedation. You will also need to give details of a colleague who is willing to act as your mentor – they must be either a dental surgeon or a dental nurse who is already sedation qualified.

How Will I Access the Training?

During the course you will acquire both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Your mentor will work with you and provide the practical training that you need. You will maintain your own Record of Competence detailing the treatments under sedation with which you have assisted – it should profile a variety of patients, both adults and children. In addition to your practical training, you will also pursue online study and sit a 90 minute written exam at the completion of the course: exams are held twice a year in March and September.

You can also attain either an Award in Intravenous Sedation Nursing or an Award in Inhalation Sedation Nursing as an alternative to the full Certificate. Whichever course you choose, the exam and online training are the same and you will still learn about all aspects of sedation. Your Record of Competence will, however, reflect your chosen pathway.

What New Skills Will I Acquire with A Dental Sedation Qualification?

You will develop new skills and knowledge across a range of areas. For example, you will learn about the respiratory and cardio-vascular systems, the pharmacology of sedation drugs and the ways in which they are used for either inhalation or intravenous sedation. You will be able to prepare the environment (including selecting, checking and preparing equipment), monitor the patient during the procedure and care for them during recovery. You will be trained to identify the cause of, and assist with the management of, any complications or emergencies and you will also learn about the medico-legal requirements of conscious sedation of patients.

How Will My Work Change If I Obtain This Qualification?

Once you have completed the Dental Sedation Nursing course and obtained your qualification, you will be able to assist in dental sedation treatments. This not only involves greater responsibility in the practical work you undertake as part of the practice team, but also in your patient care. The ability to remain calm, to support and care for patients, explain procedures and allay nerves will all be part of your patient contact.

Start Your Dental Nurse Career Today!

If you are interested in Dental Sedation Nursing the first step is to become a qualified dental nurse. The Dental Nursing Academy offer a 12 month National Diploma in Dental Nursing. For more information please contact us or drop us a call to find out if the course will be right for you 020 3875 0569.