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04 Jul 2017

Where Will Dental Nursing Take You?

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The role of the dental nurse is so much more than assisting the dentist during surgeries and treatments. There are several routes for progression into hygiene or therapy and to expand the role without leaving the profession. Here are a few of the options you have ahead of you.


An extended duty of a dental nurse can be into the area of radiography. You will require to do extra training and pass an exam and this will open up a new range of duties to your role. Every practice legally requires an individual to be responsible for all radiography undertaken on the premises. Through further training, a dental nurse can become the practise radiation protection supervisor (RPS). This is an appropriate role for dental nurses and hygienists as you don’t have to hold a radiography qualification.

Practice Management

As nurses are expected to help with the reception area, a natural progression can be to that of practice manager. The dental nurse helps record information on each patient, book appointments and take payments for treatments. By gaining further administrative or financial skills you can also be responsible for the financial management of the practice. By taking lead, the dental nurse can become team manager and ultimately practice manager. In this role, you would be responsible to ensure the highest standard of care to each patient, to efficiently run the practise and to develop and sustain an efficient team.


Dental Therapist

More practices are adding dental therapists to the team to handle some of the routine treatments, allowing dentists to focus on complex surgeries. A step up from dental nursing can be to therapist. In this role, you can carry out duties including simple fillings, polishing and whitening teeth or giving certain types of anaesthetic.


Much like our team, you too can become an assessor! Help candidates to achieve their Diploma in Dental Nursing by observing their work and recording against standards set by the awarding body. As an assessor, you will also be able to train those within your own environment and be attached to a recognised training centre.

Many dental surgeries are willing to work with their nurses in a bid to improve their standard of higher education. A number of options are often explored by the dental professionals and administrative staff at a practice, including assisting in payments for the completion of a course of continuing education.

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